Jaisalmer Village Tour

Haveli's Village Safari is an adventurous way of experiencing the desert. Venturing out on camels, camel carts or jeeps, one travel through a beautiful vista of endless Sand Dunes.

Our guests our taken to the houses of villagers and recieved with warmth and affection, an experience, which often eludes the ordinary tourist. Guests interact with the various communities living in the village belonging to proud local tribes like Bishnoi's, Bheels and Jogis to share and understand their world; you can stop at any unknown house and you will find something to fascinate you and hold your interest and provide you with a splendid oppurtunity to gain an insight into the life of the Rajasthani people and other community activities that can enthrall the visitor.

See their dhanis, attend the traditional opium ceremony signifying friendship and brotherhood, as well as see village artisans at work making leather items, making pottery, weaving clothes, making handicraft & local craftsman at their work, carpenters, metal smith and jeweller.

During the Village Safari you also come across many temples, ladies milking cows, desert wild life - chinkaras, desert fox, deer and dancing peacocks.

The farmers tending to their crops of mustard, cumin, red chilies, wheat and barley.